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Land Bank for Potential Investors in Kigoma Region .

Tanzania Investment Centre (TIC) brings to your attention the unique, self-contained seven clusters’ area for investment in Kigoma region. The  area is designated  for potential investors who are interested to invest  in manufacturing, warehousing, residential, recreational, trade, transport and logistics and institutional. It covers about 691 ha and is strategically located as it is close to Kigoma port which serves DRC, Burundi and Zambia. The area is proximate to railway, trunk road and airway link to the seaport of Dar es Salaam and neighbor countries gives competitive advantage as investment destination in Tanzania.


The self-contained seven clusters include the following:-

Manufacturing Cluster occupies a total area of approximately 205 ha. The size of each industrial plot is around 6000 square meters. Proposed industries   include Agro processing industries, building Materials, food & beverage, furniture, plastic, power & utilities, ICT facilities, fish processing


Warehousing Cluster this occupies about 20 ha. This cluster offers extensive warehouse and storage facilities and logistics solutions with dedicated plots for warehouses that can be modified to suit investors requirements in within given standards.


Residential Cluster occupies an area of 10 ha. It is ideal area for potential real estate developer in Kigoma Regional. It offers residents a wide selection of accommodations ranging from different styles of villas and town houses to an array of apartments and staff quarters and other more broad choice in residential apartments development.


Recreational Cluster occupies about 94 ha and is planned to offer recreation facilities, including play areas, swimming pools, sports facilities, fishing piers, boating facilities, golf courses, picnic, camping sites and amusement rides, hotels, restaurants and more.


Institutional Cluster occupies an area of 104 hectares and  will comprises the building of business and commercial facilities such as health facilities, schools, universities, professional office buildings, government office buildings, municipal buildings and more.


Transport and Logistic Cluster will consist logistics company who which manage flow of goods between Kigoma and up country and neighboring countries in order to meet requirements of customers or corporations. The logistics of physical items will involves the integration of information flow, materials handling, production, packaging, inventory, transportation, warehousing, and often security


Interested investor may access the land for long term lease at a cost of US$ 0.15 per square meter. For interested investors are advised to contact Kigoma Regional Office through Tel:+255282803202/3 or E-mail: or Mr. Samwel Tenga Mob: +255762570229 or E-mail:         




TIC Western Zone Tel: +255 028 298 8223 or Mob: +255754292718 or


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