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Siemens (PTY) Limited is planning to invest in the power generation sector off which they are aspiring to produce about 1000 Megawatts of power by which 800 Megawatts is expected to be generated using our natural gas.

Speaking at TIC today, Stephan Luyt the South Africa Regional Account Manager said; Siemens is prepared for this initiative and we can structure any type of proposal including 100% financing solution.

The TIC Executive Director Mr. Geoffrey Mwambe said TIC is excited about this initiative and we believe that reliable and extensive power supply system is the fundamental pre-requisite for economic growth and we shall sit down with Siemens to map out the road map which will assist towards the facilitation and implementation of this initiative.

“We believe that this project would be very crucial in improving sectors like energy, manufacturing which would automatically support our industrialization agenda and agricultural sector since Siemens is planning to furthermore engage in the cheap automation of the agricultural solutions” added Mr. Mwambe.


Kituo cha Uwekezaji Tanzania TIC kwa mara ya nne mfululizo kimeweza kuitisha mkutano na wadau wa Taasisi za serikali zinazotoa vibali, leseni na huduma mbalimbali kwa wawekezaji ili kujadili kwa pamoja changamoto mbalimbali ambazo wawekezaji kwenye taasisi zao wanakutana nazo wakiwa wanahudumia wawekezaji.

Mkutano huo ambao huitishwa chini ya mwenyekiti ambaye ni Mkurugenzi Mtendaji wa Kituo cha Uwekezaji Bwana Geoffrey Mwambe umekuwa ni nguzo muhimu katika kutatua changamoto za wawekezaji. Akiongea na waandishi wa habari katika Mkutano huo, Mkurugenzi Mtendaji wa TIC ndugu Mwambe alisema kuwa kuna maboresho mengi ambayo yameweza kupatikana kutokana na uundwaji wa kamati hiyo ya Kitaifa ya kuhudumia wawekezaji na mpaka sasa zaidi ya changamoto 50 zimeweza kutatuliwa kwa kushirikisha wadau hao wa Taasisi za serikali chini ya Kamati hiyo ya NIFC.

Lendo ni kuhakikisha kuwa tunakabiliana na changamoto zote za wawekezaji na kuzitafutia ufumbuzi wa pamoja kwa haraka ili wawekezaji waweze kuwekeza miradi yao waliokusudia katika kipindi husika bila kukwamishwa na huduma na Taasisi zetu, alimalizia Mkurugenzi Mtendaji huyo.

Katika mkutano huo changamoto mbalimbali zimeweza kujadiliwa ikiwamo muda wa utolewaji wa vibali na leseni ili kuondoa ucheleweshwaji na kuboresha huduma, tozo mbalmbali, chngamoto za upatikanaji wa maeneo kwa ajili ya uwekezaji, huduma mbalimbali za vibali na leseni na mengi ambayo yanahitaji ufumbuzi wa taasisi hizo. Mkutano huo wa NIFC unafanyika kila mwezi na unahusisha viongozi wakuu wa Taasisi mbalimbali za serikali zinatoa huduma kwa wawekezaji wakiwamo Makamishna wa Kazi na Uhamiaji, TFDA, TBS, FCC, TANESCO, NEMC, AQRB, BRELA na taasisi nyingine nyingi zinazotoa huduma kwa wawekezaji.


The Minister of Industry trade and investment Hon. Charles Mwijage has applauded initiatives taken by TIC to establish the workers council the move which is expected to is expected to bring huge success to the institution.

The Council which will be chaired by the Executive Director Mr. Geoffrey Mwambe was launched on Friday at the Julius Nyerere Convention Centre by the Hon. Minister Mwijage.

Speaking at the event, the Hon. Minister Mwigage said that he was confident the council would transform the institution in terms of increasing transparency, inclusiveness and efficiency in servicing the investors and urged all the institutions under his portfolio to do the same and establish workers councils or else face the consequences.

TIC Executive Director Mr. Geoffrey Mwambe said the workers council would be a catalyst in consolidating dialogue and facilitating the planning and implementation pace of TIC plans and activities. The TIC workers would be comprised of members representing TIC workers across the country.

The TIC decision to establish the Council was made after the call by HE. President John Pombe Magufuli who directed all the Government institutions to have workers council with immediate effect.

The President of United Republic of Tanzania HE. Dr. John Pombe Magufuli has praised the initiative of the Motison group towards supporting industrialisation after officially laying a foundation stone for the construction of the Sayona Fruits Plant located in Mboga, Chalinze. Speaking in Chalinze recently the President said Motisun Group is a role model investor in the country and have shown a clear direction in the implementation of industrialisation Agenda.

TIC Executive Director, Mr. Geoffrey Mwambe said Motisun Group is a strategic investor and the factory in Mboga would be critical in economic development through job creation, creation of new tax base, support SME’s in terms of formalisation, growth and formation of value chain. He said the factory in Mboga would need more than 300 metric tonnes of fruits every day and more than 30,000 farming households would be involved to support the factory.

Speaking at the event the chairman of Motisun Group Mr. Subhash Patel said the fruit factory will carter more than 30% of the imported juice demand from abroad and reduce expenditure on foreign exchange through production of juice locally and create more jobs . He further mentioned that the project was in the process of getting registered with multiple international standards, including the European Union standards, British retail consortium standards, Hallal Standards of Middle East to ensure the product quality was meeting international requirements.

Chinese mega investor New Building Materials Public Limited Company BNBM plans to invest about the total of $200 million to boost the building materials output in Tanzania, the Chairman of Beijing BNBM Mr. Wang Bing said during the meeting with TIC at the TIC offices in Dar-es-salaam. “After careful research and analysis we decided to make a decision to establish a comprehensive building material’s factory and establish a research and development Centre that would be able to transfer knowledge and skills to Tanzanians who would be capable to engage in the high tech production of building materials’’ said Mr. Wang.

BNBM is weighing on building factory that would feed many African countries by establishing an industrial park for building materials that would produce more than 20m square meters of high quality gypsum boards and other high quality building materials product for local and export. BNBM believes this would upgrade the industrial level of Tanzania and are fully confident that that BNBM can support the Tanzanians vision of 2025 which advocates for industrialization. BNBM ‘s is a member of Global Fortune 500 companies and their market share in the world is almost 50% with the total capacity of producing 2.1 billion square meters of gypsum per annum.

“Attracting investment to Tanzania, one of the world's strategically located country, is a key priority for TIC as it seeks to boost local industrial production in order to reduce costly imports and creates more jobs for the locals’’ said the TIC Executive Director Mr. Geoffrey Mwambe.

Tanzania continues to perform strongly against competitor countries in East Africa. Tanzania currently ranked among top ten most attractive business locations in Africa as per RMB statistics of 2017. UNCTAD statistics also reveal that in 2017, Tanzania attracted US$ 1.35 billion in FDI inflows far surpassing its neighbor, Uganda and Kenya. Tanzania is the largest recipient of foreign direct investment (FDI) in East Afri

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